The staff at Abbey Chiropractic Clinic

Principal Chiropractor Sarah Watton BSc (Chiropractic) DC MBCA:

Sarah Watton qualified as a Chiropractor in 1992 after completing her 4 year BSc degree in Chiropractic at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in Bournemouth. She then completed her DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) diploma in 1993 whist working at the Verwood Chiropractic Clinic.

Sarah purchased the well established City Chiropractic Clinic in Southampton in 1994, and then opened the Abbey Chiropractic Clinic in the Hundred in Romsey in February 1996. The Abbey Clinic then moved to larger premises in June 1999 and then moved to its present location in January 2007 after Sarah and her husband purchased the property.
Sarah has completed much post graduate training. Courses have included rehabilitation, dry-needling (Western Acupuncture), Chiropractic for Babies and Children, Chiropractic in Pregnancy and Chiropractic for Golfers. She has also partially completed a post-graduate diploma in Hypnotherapy.
Sarah lives in the New Forest with her husband Paul, their daughter Verity (who was born in December 2010) and their black Labrador Etta. Sarah’s interests include walking in the Forest with Etta, sports cars and motoring, playing the violin and flute with the Bournemouth Philharmonic society Orchestra, fine wines, and the occasional round of golf. Sarah and her family also enjoy travelling abroad when time allows.
Sarah very much enjoys her work as a Chiropractor. She loves to help people and finds it immensely satisfying to be able to change their quality of life. Sarah has been on the receiving end of Chiropractic care for many years, with injuries resulting from horse-riding falls. Sarah believes that the quicker a problem is identified and treated the better, and that advice to prevent the problem recurring is an essential part of Chiropractic practise.
Painful Joints

Associate Chiropractor Sarah Tsang MSc (Chiropractic):

Sarah graduated from AECC (Anglo-European College of Chiropractic) in Bournemouth after a 5 year degree with a Masters in Chiropractic.

She initially worked in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire but relocated back to her hometown of Southampton and joined our clinic in 2010. Sarah has a particular interest in lower limb biomechanics, especially in prescribing orthotics for fallen arches of the feet. As a life-long sufferer of “flat feet” and corresponding side effects, such as low back pain, knee pain and poor balance, she sought to find solutions through chiropractic to help her and her patients' problems.

As part of her chiropractic services at the clinic, she has also incorporated orthotics (insoles) services to our clinic. She continues to pursue updated methods and techniques through CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to better treat lower limb dysfunctions resulting in further musculoskeletal complications.

During her studies she developed a keen interest in nutrition for a holistic approach in chiropractic care. Chiropractors regularly advise patients on lifestyle, diet and exercise to aid them in their recovery.

In her spare time she enjoys discovering plenty of new culinary dishes and skills for her friends and family to enjoy. She has also recently discovered the joys of gardening to produce fresh ingredients to be used in her culinary adventures.
Sports Injuries

Reception Team:

Sheila Watton

AKA “Sarah W’s mum” Sheila has been a receptionist at the Abbey Chiropractic Clinic since it opened in 1996. Sheila lives with her husband Brian in Highcliffe. Her interests include walking their chocolate labrador Henry on the beach, attending classical music concerts and reading. Sheila loves spending time with her granddaughter Verity.
Jean Lester

Jean Lester:

Jean has been a Chiropractic Receptionist for over 25 years, and has worked with Sarah Watton since October 1994. She says: "I thoroughly enjoy the job and find it extremely rewarding"

She has two children and three grandchildren. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, going to the theatre and going to the cinema.

Jean Bean

Jean Bean
Jean mainly works at the City Chiropractic Clinic in Southampton, although she will often be answering the phone for the Abbey Clinic. Jean has been working as a Receptionist at the City Clinic for 11 years and says: “I enjoy every moment working at the Clinic where we have a very friendly but professional atmosphere”. Jean had been a satisfied patient at the Clinic for many years before she was offered the position as part-time receptionist after she retired from the HSBC. She has a son Paul and a daughter Karen. She also has two teenage grandsons. In her spare time Jean loves going on holiday to the sun, swimming and reading. 

Meet & Greet Team:

Henry Watton and Etta Radford

Etta and Henry the labradors can often be seen sleeping in a corner or under a chair. They specialise in tail wagging and relaxing any patients who may be a little nervous on their first visit to a Chiropractor. In their spare time they enjoy eating, walking, swimming and love playing with my daughter Verity (who thinks it is great fun to feed them titbits!)

We will always make you feel at ease and comfortable. Call 01794 518 772.
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