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"I have had back problems over the last 20 years or so which come and go as most people's issues with their back do. It started when I was about 26 if I remember and initially I did not have a clue who to go and see apart from a doctor who quite often in my experience now may help but does not usually have any long term answers!

I did see the odd person that helped my back a bit but I had a stroke of luck when I met my ex-neighbour many years ago- Dr Sarah Watton! She has over the last 15 years or so become a godsend as she has treated my back when it wanders out of true (which is only once or so often every few years now).

Sarah is always very professional, and never tries to give any impression that she is any sort of miracle worker. I am particularly pleased with the fact that she will put you under no illusions that she can sort a problem out at one hit just to save you money, as this is usually not realistic. She normally treats it carefully, and in a few gentle sessions of manipulation she is more likely to solve the problem in the long term. This WILL then save you money!

I have no hesitation in saying that Sarah Watton is a first class chiropractor and recommend her to anyone that needs problems of this kind sorted out to a happy conclusion."
Mr L.Haynes

"I have attended the Abbey Chiropractic Clinic on several occasions over the last 10 years. Despite being a little sceptical initially, I felt it was worth trying the first time, and have been utterly convinced that it is the treatment of choice, treating the cause and not just the symptoms, giving me years without pain each time, and instant relief. This has given me the opportunity to live an active life of sports and playing with my young son, as well as doing my job as a Veterinary Surgeon which I couldn't have done otherwise. Thanks Sarah and the staff at Abbey Chiropractic Clinic".

David Bradford (Veterinary Surgeon)

"Attending the Abbey Chiropractic Clinic in Romsey was the best thing I ever did for myself. Following the birth of my first child and a bad car accident, I lived each day with unrelenting back pain and neck ache. The quality of my daily life had deteriorated. Sciatic pain would shoot down each leg upon walking and attending my daily duties as a Nurse became extremely testing. I had been taking painkillers non-stop. I attended the clinic on recommendation from family as a last resort before going on holiday with my husband and one year old son. After receiving treatment, I have been pain free for the first time in over a year and a half! Our family hoilday was wonderful, I feel invigorated and light with the weight of pain lifted from my body. Back ache can infringe so much upon your working and family life needlessly. I recommend attending the clinic to anyone suffering the way I did Thank you Sarah and her receptionist Jean for making me a happier, pain-free person!"

Mairead Scott-Smyth(Nurse)

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